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What is a Brochure Website?

A brochure website is an online version of a printed brochure; it is a fantastic way to showcase your company, services and products. Brochure websites tend to be visually captivating; by using effective words and captivating images they inform and attract clients.

Unlike e-commerce websites, brochure websites do not sell products or services online.

Will I need a WiX Account?

Yes! I will create the website design in my WiX account, when the site is complete I will transfer ownership to your account. You will then need to assign a Premium Plan and connect your domain name (I will help you through the process). If you keep me on as an administrator, I can help with updates etc.

Do I need to supply the content (text & images)?

You will need to supply the content and images you would like included. I will assist by utilising free stock images related to your industry and will help with messaging and copywriting (this will be charged at my hourly rate).

How long will it take to design my Website?

This depends what you want included on your website and how quickly you respond with reviews during the process. I would expect to have most sites completed within 2 weeks from receipt of the content (text & images).

What platform will my website be built on?


Wix is a user-friendly, website building platform used to create amazing, professional-looking sites. WiX sites can be updated and edited with ease and are built to be search engine friendly.

When will I take ownership of my new website?

When you have approved the web design and paid the invoice, I will transfer ownership of the site to your WiX account. Once you have accepted ownership you will be able to assign your Premium Plan and connect your domain name.

Which WiX Premium Plan do I need to purchase?

It will be your choice (you pay the subscription), the Unlimited Plan is most popular. you will need a Premium Plan to successfully get your site up and running.

What support will I get?

Managing a WiX account is simple, however should you require assistance I am available to help. Should you require new pages or additional content I will charge my standard hourly rate.

What is WiX?

Wix is a user-friendly, website building platform. WiX helps users create affordable, professional-looking sites, which can be updated and edited with ease. What's more, WiX sites are built to be search engine friendly.

WiX provide secure web hosting. A Premium Plan will need to be purchased to get extra storage, connect your own domain name, remove adverts and more features.

What pages should I consider having on my website?

I would suggest you consider having a selection of the following pages:- Home Page | About | Services | Products | Testimonials | Contact | FAQs | Portfolio/Gallery | Blog

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